Aion PvP, Like No Other. FaceLift Take 2

Again this is my Toon in Aion China, Sorcerer. Still level 44, 2 bars from 45. I’m in no Rush so I just PvP non stop and grind when I can’t find any Ewlyos to Destroy. The Gear I have on, with the exception of one Ring, is not the Abyss PvP set. Its crafted gear. I don’t plan on getting every piece of the Abyss gear simply because I will be quitting Aion China and rolling to North America when it is released. I wanna get familiar with PvP and the skills my Opponents have. With this Knowledge I will take it to NA and well…. -,..,- Game: Aion: The Tower of Eternity (China) Video Recording: Game Cam Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Music: Artist: Benni Benassi Song: Who’s your daddy? Hope you Enjoyed it. The Legion Video is up check us out Flawless