Silkroad I am Legend Trailer part 2

Hope you Enjoy it 😉 On Silkroad / ECSRO server / made by fresh92ger production / name ingame Kazumi lvl 80+ full str glavie +5 full farmed female strong devil and performers : Polizei and Ger_diefs thx for help Polizei lvl 70+ full str bow full farmed 800k skill points and we have both a Withe Wolf and buyed Silk and Rabbits / Grap pets 😀 This not realy information about Video 😀 it’s only the way to find better my Video :p Thx for watching =) Very funny Zum Movie: In der Welt von Silkroad ist ein Virus ausgebrochen. Alle Menschen starben, nur einer überlebte, nun ist er allein., Denkt er…!!!