[P-Server] ThemidaSRO

Dies ist ein Privatserver. Wir stellen diese lediglich vor, übernehmen aber keine Haftung für Schäden, die durch die Nutzung entstehen. Wir distanzieren uns auch von Privaten Servern, da die Rechtslage auf Legalität immer noch nicht geklärt ist, und stellen diese auch nur aus Journalistischen Gründen vor. Wir sind auch nicht für die Aktualität oder die Online/Downtime zuständig!


Hey guys!
In the name of my Team I prouldy introduce you our newly created Server Themida.
The Server will go live on Friday, the 15. February 2013 18:00(GMT+1) and offer you an awesome gaming experience.
Our aim was, to combine old classic gameplay with new Content to offer a maximum fun for everyone –
from new Players up to Silkroad Veterans. After long testing purposes we are finally ready to say
„We are here, we are done, go ahead let’s have some fun!“

General Information
Website: Themida Mainpage
Register: Themida Register

Server Information
Servercap: 80
Mastery Limit: 300
Race: Chinese
Experience: x20
Goldrate: x5
Droprate: x5
Alchemy rate: x1
Servername: Themida

The Team

The team consists of people having huge amounts of experience in Silkroad aswell in managing Gameservers,
Webservers and Communitys. Our Team is leading various different Servers and is prepared to offer you the
best Gameplay and Support as possible.

Server Features

Starter Items
Starting without anything? No! Every player receives a free Avatar & Grappet aswell as other nice stuff!

Job System


The main question for us was, how can we bring jobbing alive without just increasing the Goldrate like most of the Servers
and also avoid cheating/abusing at the same time. Here we are to present our Job System.

Through Job activities you automatically archieve Contribution Points which can be exchanged in our Website.
For those you can buy for example SOM Accessorys, Elixirs, Luckystones etc.

We also added a Special Area, including Uniques(you can only enter in Jobsuit) dropping Coins:

Cap/Race Adjustments


We removed all European Items from the Shops aswell as we adjusted the Berserker Potions to Level 80.

Advanced Elixirs have been disabled also.

Extended Levelarea


Tired of overcrowded Spots and always sharing your Level Spot with a hell of others? We adjusted Roc Mountain
including a Level 80 Demon Shaitan.

Forgotten World


Tired of botting? Grab your friends and work on Talismans for the Forgotten World in order to receive Seal of Moon Weapons.

DDOS Protection
Enough of invested time and money in Servers which die just after a few days? We instantly go live with a DDOS Protection
to offer you a great uptime and 100% fun!

Other nice Features

No Guildpenalty
Only Jangan Fortress high activity
40+ Dresses available
Cheap Silks, lots of Donationmethods
Improvement Stacklimits
Capture the Flag
Weekly ROC Event[time not setted yet, already adjusted]
.. and much more, check it out!

Fortress Wars: Sunday, 17:00 – 18:30
Capture the Flag: Daily, every 2hours

Hope to see you soon,

Themida Team