SRO – Intro Scripting Tutorial

Hi. I just want to share with all of you this method for make easily intro scripts for your pk2 edits. I found this some time ago, but took me a lot of time for know the command for export the script, and the way for fix it (the clean exported file doesn’t works at all). Until now all the intro scripts, including all I did were made with notepad and essay-error. With this way I want to share an easy way for make scripts without any special knowledge. What do you need: – PK2 Tools – GM console (you can see in Silkroad Secrets how to activate it) – Coord calculator (thanks to ChyakiAthens ^^) I hope you like it. And please don’t ask about my GM console, is a custom ones I did, and I will not share it since is very bugged (crash when you recive a PM). Soon I’m going to release a full pk2 edit with some cool stuff that may you like, including a GM console, so keep waiting =3 Comment plz, subscribe or rate is optional ^^ Song name: Memro – Trick of the Tail