SilkroadOnline Zz_Jaguar_zZ Vs hoLLyy

HHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! Really i cant find any words to say .. But just say Noobs FTW i think you saw how hoLLyy dead he got 66K crit From 108 Warrior !! What a shame .. Lvl 120 Full legend D13 +5 + Premium PLUS + PHY def buff + Shield and Got that dmg ? !! Any way thats normally for hoLLyy xD Gah .. I make this Video cuz when i sent Pic with 66k to him he said FAKE image ! BUT NP i have da original Video HUH ! Completed BY /MonteratoO FTWWW F_a_n_t_o_ AAAAAAAA King Of Eftksat 😀 Da Da Da Da Da