Silkroad Online – OVERLIMIT SRO by. CasterSroTub

SERVE status : OFF or ON (SOON) website [ ] forums: [ ] info serve.: Level Cap : 130 Skills Cap : 130 Solo EXP/SP Rates : 450x Party EXP/SP Rates : 500x Drop Rate : 150x Gold Rate : 100x Job Rates : Custom Rates MagicPop Rates : 3x Alchemy Rates : 3x gif 4 silk per hr : on „not blame the music in this video because they are also found on youtube and not gain anything by it“ musics: Entering : Basslovers United- Druken (Finger & Kadel Remix) Birdy Nam Nam – Goin‘ In (Skrillex „Goin‘ Down“ Mix) Sander Van Doom -Chassin (original Mix) Usher – Scream (reidiculous Remix) finaly: Metalica – Enter Sandman