Silkroad Online – Game Bug 2012 part 2

In the last video I showed you a great many errors, which to date are not corrected. Today I present to you a smaller video in which show an more new bugs which in the game as a poppy. From the beginning of the video you will see another sound bug where background noise (bird) sounds such as Auto-alarm. See for yourself. And at the end of the video, I highlight the part inadmissible and Broken dungeon Qin-Shi Tomb on the second floor. On this floor there is a room like Room of Challenge Room of Hero, Room of Courage. To enter these rooms you must have a Key object of (Courage, Challenge, Hero). The problem lies in the fact that these objects have to fall with the monsters in this dungeon. But do not drop! Your chances to obtain this item is 1:300000! SRO Game Bug 2012 part 1 –