Silkroad Online 2 – trailer by wiNt

## READ ME ## Hello everyone. Since Silkroad is getting older and older I decited to create Silkroad 2. I import alot of stuff from Silkroad and it’s just beginning. What is already in game ? – Character who can jump / climb / swim / run / walk / control using WSAD – At this moment I created one huge map with 4 castles and 3 towns (Samarkand / Jangan / Hotan) – Ragdoll – First person mode / Third person mode – Buildings to which you can enter Things to do : – Spawn points of mobs – Inventory – Storage – Pickable stuff (armor / weapons) – Dropable stuff (armor / weapons) – Alchemy (I thinking about it but with this one will be hard) – Uniques As soon as possible I’ll open beta test server with people who will have code to their accounts. But with this one we need to wait little.