How to play Silkroad Online -Basics-

Firs of all, welcome everyone ( and watch in full screen ) 😀 This is a small basic tutorial about how to play silkroad online, when you start you need to choose the race from Chinese / European which is: Chinese: Glavie or Spear …. Sword/Shield or Blade/Shield … Bow European: 1Handed/Shield or 2Handed Sword or Dual Axe …. Dagger or Cross Bow … Wizard .. Warlock .. Cleric … Bard Builds can be by STR ( Physical ) or INT ( Magical ) or Both ( Hybird -not recommended for European build ) and depends on you of how do you like to play BIG NOTE: … Farm SP at least 1.500.000 SP before you go above 30 …. just find good taxi and de lvl or else you’ll stuck in a lvl which you can’t rise your skills because of less of SP if you have any question please ask or search your question in google ….. Thank you =]